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    Enhance Your Bathroom Experience

    Just thinking about your next bathroom renovation can be an exciting time for any home owner, especially when you have all the design elements placed in your head and ready to pull the trigger.

    Renovating any room in your home can be a sizeable task to take on. More so if you’re working with an area that doesn’t have enough lighting or with a space that is structured unusually or awkwardly.

    In a situation like this, it is so tempting to just get rid of everything and start anew, but with the expert help of Surfers Paradise Bathroom Experts, you don’t need to take drastic measures when renovating your bathroom. Our team of expert bathroom fitters can help you get the job done without dropping a sweat.

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    Why Us?

    From the day you hire us, we will handle everything – design, plumbing, fittings, carpentry, tiling, maintenance, repairs and so much more. Our bathroom renovation services are comprehensive to address all your bathroom remodelling needs.

    Since then, our goal has always been to become the top name in the industry. In the process, we mastered our craftsmanship by constantly upgrading our services and by using quality bathroom supplies and materials.

    With Surfers Paradise Bathroom Experts in your side, you know every detail of your remodelling project will be carried out perfectly. Not only that, when you avail of our services, you get to enjoy these amazing benefits:

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    In-home consultation


    A team of qualified, trained and friendly bathroom installers.


    We never charge hidden fees and surprise fees.


    We offer a wide-range of bathroom renovation services.


    We also provide customised renovation service packages to fit your budget and requirements.


    We guarantee a stress-free and efficient service and on-time project completion.


    Efficient service and on-the-dot completion.


    Cutting-edge tools, equipment and technology for bathroom renovations.


    We only use high-quality bathroom supplies and materials from the best manufacturers


    We make sure that all of our renovation procedures are compliant to industry standards and safety regulations.

    Usually, people have already established their budget before starting on a remodelling project. To make the most out of your limited finances, it is best if you seek the services of an expert bathroom fitter.

    Luckily, Surfers Paradise Bathroom Experts is there to give you professional advice and services in executing your plan. With us, your ideas, design and other requirements are always heard of, and from these, we will create the most beautiful bathroom you could ever imagine.

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    To know the scope of our services, here is a list of our bathroom renovation services:

    Master bathroom


    En suite bathrooms


    Laundry bathrooms


    Full bathrooms


    Commercial bathrooms


    Powder rooms


    Bespoke bathrooms


    Single bathrooms

    bathroom waterproofing
    To give you a full picture, we have listed all the areas that we can cover for bathroom renovations below:

    Custom-made bathroom design to fit your requirements and budget


    Installation, removal, and repair of wall and floor tiles


    Plumbing Works


    Waterproofing Services


    Carpentry, removal, maintenance and repairs


    Supplies, decorations and other accessories for bathroom


    Modern, sleek and functional cabinets and shelves

    Our Process

    Aside from using only the best quality bathroom supplies and materials, our company has always strived to improve customer satisfaction with our renovation services. To do this, we focused on delivering our services in an efficient and timely manner. So, we adopted a more systematic approach in performing our services. We have promised that we will take care of everything from the moment you hire us.

    Below is the renovation process with the corresponding stages that we follow for a smooth flow:

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    Our Process

    In-Home Consultation

    Our bathroom designer will book her time ahead to visit your home and make the necessary assessment of your bathroom area. In her visit, you also have the chance to express your ideas and requirements in mind. We do it this way because it is more personal interaction with our clients. For us, it is important because both parties get to express their expectations. The important measurements taken by our representative will then be the basis for the quotation.


    Quotation and Acceptance

    Following 7 days after the in-home consultation, a detailed quotation will be sent to you. If you communicate your acceptance of the prices, everything that you have agreed on will be rendered in a written contract. This is the best and safest way of expressing the terms and obligations of both parties.

    Design and Product Selection

    On this stage, our professional designers will come up with a layout that reflects your preferences, needs and other requirements. This design layout will include all the other details such as paint colours, types of tiles, and other accessories.


    Building Inspection

    This layout given to you will include all that you need to expect about the project, such as the procedures that will be conducted before, during, and after the process. This is to make sure that you are given the heads up of the possibilities during the renovation.

    Service Rough-In

    On this stage, wirings and fixtures will be installed before the walls are finally secured with plasterboard. Everything on this stage will be done by our certified electricians.


    On this stage, our professional bathroom fitters will now apply a layer of waterproof membrane and barriers to both the subfloors and walls. This will avoid leaks from coming through in the sides and corners.



    On this stage, you can clearly see the progress as everything is being pulled together. This is particularly true because the tiles use up about 70% of the design.


    On this stage, the installation of space -saving and sleek cabinets will now be done to give free up more space in your bathroom.


    This process will serve as another layer of protection so that no water and air leaks will come through. Our team will use high-quality caulks to seal off leaks and fill in gaps or cracks.

    Fit-Off Installation

    On this stage, the selected fittings, fixtures and other accessories will now be installed.


    This is the finale of the process and the most important part. On this stage, our professional cleaners will turn your bathroom sparkly clean so that you can use it immediately.
    Frequently Asked Questions
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    How costly is it for a bathroom renovation in Queensland?

    The scope of the bathroom renovation project, as well as the fittings, fixtures and other accessories have a huge effect on the overall cost.

    Usually, the total cost of complete bathroom renovation in Surfers Paradise, Queensland Australia and in nearby areas can start from $18,000 and range up to $50,000.

    This amount can be lessened or increased based on the size of your bathroom area.

    Of course, it still stands that the bigger the bathroom size, the higher the cost will be.

    Below are the rough estimates of bathroom renovations based on different bathroom sizes:

    • for a 2-square meter bathroom – this would be around $6,000 to $10,000
    • for a 4-square meter bathroom – this would be around $10,000 to $15,000
    • for a 6-square meter bathroom – this would be around $10,500 to $18,000
    • for a 8-square meter bathroom – this would be around $19,000 to $25,000
    • for a 10-square meter and a larger bathroom – this would be around $25,000 and up.
    Will a bathroom renovation increase the resale value of my house?

    As with most home renovations, a bathroom renovation can indeed increase the value of your residential home. As dictated by practice, getting your bathroom remodelled before selling your house, won’t affect the return on investment so much. If, however, you start renovating your bathroom now and sell it at a later date, then this would, in effect, more likely increase your return on investment by up to 30%.

    How long does it take to remodel a bathroom?

    The duration would depend on the space of your bathroom, the amount of people needed, and the complexity of your project. Smaller bathrooms with an area of 5 square meters will take 3-5 days to finish. Bigger bathrooms, like an en suite bathroom, could take up to 3 weeks to complete.

    Is there a way to save up on bathroom renovation costs?

    A bathroom renovation is a big project and often it can come with a price tag. So, it is necessary that you consider all possible factors of the project. Before you fully decide to take on the renovation plan, you have to set a budget to work around with.

    Below are some tips on how to cut on costs when renovating your bathroom:

    • Try to shift your priority on little improvement. These minor changes could actually make a huge difference to the look of your bathroom. You could have the walls repainted or have some shelves, mirrors or other accessories installed.
    • Try not to throw existing accessories or fittings that are still in excellent condition, and instead, reuse them.
    • Try to avoid removing the plumbing works when you can have them saved through repairs.
    What tiles should I use for remodelling my bathroom?

    With the advent of technology, more and more tiles are being created. Among the common types of tiles are vinyl, ceramic, porcelain, and glass. Since there are different types of tiles to choose from, you may want to opt for vitreous tiles for wet areas to avoid water absorption.

    Porcelain tiles require minimal maintenance and are friendly to the budget.  On the other hand, vinyl tiles are popular when it comes to bathroom flooring since they are easy to install and they have water resistance features.

    Others such as ceramic and porcelain are also excellent choices. Ceramic needs to be glazed and requires little maintenance. It also comes in different design styles and durability features.

    Also in the list are glass tiles, plastic laminate tiles, stone tiles, and linoleum tiles. Each possesses its own unique characteristic that could fit one’s needs and other preferences. When it comes to your bathroom tiles, Surfers Paradise Bathroom Experts has it all for you.

    We are the best place to go for those who dream of having beautifully designed and functional bathrooms in Surfers Paradise and in areas nearby. Why wait for tomorrow when you can begin your bathroom renovation now. Today is the best time to start on your dream bathroom, so give our expert bathroom fitters a call for a free consultation.

    Today is the best time to get started with your much-needed bathroom renovation. Give us a call and get a free consultation.