En Suite

bathroom en suite

Most en suite bathrooms are located in the bedroom, and for this reason, it is also called the “in the room” bathroom. Aside from comfort and convenience, en suite bathrooms also have the benefit of being versatile in terms of style and design. You have all the freedom to do whatever you want to it, but be sure that the features and style are worth what you paid for.

We offer comprehensive services for the bathroom needs of residential and commercial owners in Surfers Paradise, Australia and in areas nearby. Whilst you are sure about the renovation project, do you know what step to take next?

Let our experts at Surfers Paradise Bathroom Experts help you.  Here are some of our recommended tips for those who want to upgrade their en suite bathroom:

  • Install a heated floor – a heated floor can be placed under the tile. Imagine not getting surprised with the cold tiles in the morning. A heated floor will really elevate the comfort of your bathroom experience.
  • Consider bathroom lighting – lighting is as equally important as the other aspects in your bathroom. During the day, you might want to let more natural light come in by installing wide window glass on the upper area of your bathroom.

Give our expert designers a ring today to get a free quotation and let us enhance your bathroom experience!