Main Bathrooms

bathroom tiling

Aussies love a good home reno project, but if it’s your first time to get through a remodelling, it can be a really testing chapter of your life if it’s not handled by the professionals. In planning to remodel their main bathroom, homeowners would usually want a bathroom that is reflective of their personal style whilst still enjoying the comfort they need. To achieve these, it is important that the proper fixtures and fittings are able to provide both value and function.

Having a carefully laid out plan, hiring the best contractors and settling on the right design are all you need to do. Here are some more tips that could make your dream bathroom renovation into reality:

  • Find out what you really want – are you going to remodel all of the bathrooms or just your main bathroom? Do you want to start fresh or do you want to preserve some of the parts in your existing bathroom? Answering these would help you get the ball rolling.
  • Choose the right bathroom materials – in doing a bathroom renovation, a lot of thought should be placed on the design and other customization ideas. So, these necessarily require a different set of materials. Be sure that the bathroom products you choose for will actually meet the requirements of your plan.

Below are some materials that you might want to consider:

  1. Wall and floor tiling
  2. Bath fittings
  3. Sink fixtures
  4. Lighting
  5. Cabinets and shelves
  6. Shower enclosure
  7. Waterproofing materials
  • Add more accessibility to your bathroom – to make your bathroom space more secured, adding handle bars and rails will do the trick. Water splashes still happen in the bathroom, and you might want to avoid slipping.

Our team will create the most beautiful bathroom for you and your family to enjoy! We are looking forward to hearing your bathroom design ideas and concepts.


Single Bathroom Homes

For houses that have single bathrooms, it is important that you have all the right fixtures and fittings installed in your washroom. Before you even start on your home reno project, you might want to talk with your family to discuss the design, features, and other pertinent details. This part is important because your family members also use the bathroom on a daily basis!

One of the most important things to consider in planning your remodelling project is your bathroom space. How big is it? What fixtures are and are not necessary? These questions will guide you in maximising your bathroom space.

Our experts at Surfers Paradise Bathroom Experts can help you with this. As a result, your bathroom will be even more comfortable and safer for you and your family.

Below are important things to consider before getting your single bathroom renovated:

  • Hire the right contractor – most people have a budget to work with. So, it is important that your design gets to maximise the use of your budget and bathroom space. Also, having the right set of features will get your money’s worth.
  • Install the proper ventilation system – this aspect of the remodelling is what most homeowners fail to consider. What they don’t realise is the fact that mould and mildew can form in your bathroom. In the long run, these could damage the tiling, the fixtures and other expensive accessories in your bathroom.

For all your single bathroom renovation needs, Surfers Paradise Bathroom Experts is the best place to choose. Our experts are trained and experienced to perform the necessary plumbing works, to install shower enclosures, and to carry out other renovation services.


Multiple Bathroom Homes

A bathroom redo will cost so much of your time, energy and finances, especially when you have multiple bathrooms in your home. Not only that, imaging the inconvenience it will bring you in the process. Knowing what you need and don’t need will get you ahead of the game. With that in mind, lay down your priorities and from there, explore all options as you go along.

At Surfers Paradise Bathroom Experts, we offer customised services for commercial and residential owners in Surfers Paradise and in nearby areas. To get you through your multiple bathroom renovations, here are some helpful tips:

  • Stay away from big cabinets – always choose space-saving cabinets and shelves that can be easily hung on the walls. By doing this, you would not have to spend much on heavy accessories and other fixtures. Also, you have more freedom to pick out accessories that will match your bathroom’s theme.
  • Leave the plumbing to professionals– plumbing entails a difficult task. It can only be done by the help of an expert plumber. Unless you have a decent experience in plumbing, then stay far from DIY plumbing as it can actually cost you more money and effort than one might expect.
  • Choose durable tiling – bathroom tiles shouldn’t be delicate. Don’t sacrifice quality just because the look doesn’t qualify your design. You need to always go for the ones that will last you long.

For all your multiple bathroom renovation needs, Surfers Paradise Bathroom Experts is the name you can trust. Our experts are on board to make your dream bathroom come to life. With our cutting-edge technology, you can guarantee that our services are the best in town.